Thursday, October 28, 2010

Holy Priest

Holy Priest is probly the best place to start with the class reviews as it is the class I have been playing for years now. The change to the talent trees is the biggest one Holy has ever seen and that can be said for many if not all of the other classes as well. The most apparent change is that Holy now revolves around the ability Chakra giving the spell cast after Chakra a special added effect. The abilty to me is both a blessing and a curse because even that it is a powerfl addition to your rotation it defines your rotation and you are left chooseing to either single target heal with Heal spams or aoe heal with Prayer of Healing spams quickly drainging your mana pool. Granted both options do work very well and in testing I more or less top the charts when I am trying but even with them keeping Holy Concentration for mana regen, with the now uselessness of spirit, I run out of mana very quickly. With that said Holy is a very strong healing class that can adapt to any situation needed for healing and is a good choice as your first healer. Here is a good spec to try out it is also the one I currently use. 2/31/3

Chakra Heal makes for a good tank healing rotation as your Renew and Chakra will never fall off. You can also use this rotation to single target raid heal to keep renews up on people but raid healing is better done with your powerful aoe healing abilties. The rotation goes as follows: Prayer of Mending > Chakra > Heal > Renew > Heal / Greater Heal (as needed). Just keep casing Heal until your Surge of Light procs and then cast a free Flash Heal in the mix. Rembember you only have a few seconds to use Surge of Light so waiting for the right moment may waste it. It is always better to toss it on another raid member if the tank does not need it than to sit on it and loose it. Power Word: Shield should also always be on the tank as well as Holy Word: Serenity(Chastise) as long as it is off cool down.

Chakra Prayer of Healing is in my opinion the best AOE healing rotation in the game but it is also the most mana costly. As always with AOE healing you can throw any HOTs you have on anyone that needs it as well as larger heals if they are getting low. You will have to use your entire arsonal to be an efective raid healer but the following rotation is the main bit of it as they are your strongest AOE heals. Prayer of Mending > Chakra > Prayer of Healing > Circle of Healing > Holy Word: Sanctuary(Chastise) on the largest group of party members. Spot heal until you can use HW:S again and only cast Prayer of Healing if you need to or to reset your Chakra. (Note: There seems to be a bug or it could be intentianal but casting Holy Word: Sanctuary only works three of four times before haveing to recast Chakra and Prayer of Healing and it is also iffy when trying to stack it with other holy priests.)

Chakra Renew is a good one to use if you like spaming Renew but thats about it. Your not a Druid healer so dont try to heal like one useing only HOTs. Renew is a very strong HOT expecialy with all the boosts you can give it but there are far better things you can use your Chakra for. Could use this for AOE healing alternative in a smaller party (5 mans or 10 mans where you are spread out more)

Chakra Smite is useless for anything other than soloing or leveling but unless this is your first and only character and you dont know how to save gold at all you can duel spec to shadow for all your leveling and soloing needs.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


So yesterday the new patch came out for World of Warcraft and many people seem to have complaints about it or at least trade chat makes it seem that way. This is my first time blogging but I have been helping friends and guild members with game elements since I started playing; its time I shared that information with the world and what better time than the new 4.0.1 patch.

I thought that now with the new expansion on the verge of release I should give yet another place for people to go to learn about things in the game. Yes I know there are hundreds of blogs and forums that focus on World of Warcraft but so many of them seem to be from the leetest players or from the crazy math wizards yet I have not seen many if any from your average player; that is if I want to call my self average.

As this blog evolves I hope to show anyone who cares to listen (or read) the point of view of a holy priest in game aspects of all kinds including other classes and what one game element or another means. Remember anything I post on this blog is my opinion and you can choose to listen or not I am only trying to help the way I think it works from what I have seen and done I am not trying to force you to do it my way.